Real World Parents

Real World Parents: Real World parents is seminar curriculum developed by Mark Matlock of Youth Specialties. The seminar can be done either be done as a one day event or a multi day event. The seminar is designed for groups of fifty but it can be done in smaller or larger settings. The training provides

  • realistic, practical next steps, not cheesy ideas that teenagers will roll their eyes at
  • Help understanding what is really happening in our culture by looking at the latest statistics and what they mean
  • A deeper look at the Biblical principles of parenting, and how to apply them
  • How to build trust, independence, proper boundaries and wise decision-making
  • Ideas for how families can integrate faith into their everyday lives
  • Vision of how God wants to use each family to bring His love and generosity to their neighborhood
  • Reframes the local church as a resource that supports the entire family
  • Follow up web site with free resources to help pastors and parents go beyond the seminar

For more information about Real World Parents you can check out or contact Directions in Youth Ministry to learn more about rates and scheduling this event at your church.