The Work of the People: A Review

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I found an amazing resource the other day that I wanted to share. I stumbled upon a website called “The Work of the People” (TWOTP); you can check it out at . The website was founded by Travis Reed.  Travis is an independent filmmaker who has created hundreds of short films.   The mission of […]


Youth Culture: Text declines

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I read this short article this morning on the Youth Worker website. According to the author there is a slight trend downward in the number of texts adolescents are using per month. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues or if is an


To My Western NY Crew

Tim Horton’s coffee cups can be turned into bio-fuel. How cool is that! Check out the link. And keep drinking coffee!!!! I wonder if it works for WAWA cups…


Text Messenging

I found this website the other day that I thought might be helpful for parents who have difficulty understanding their child’s text messages.   The web-page will decode text messages for you.  I tested it for a while it seemed to be pretty accurate. I would be curious to have a teenager test it as well.  […]


Social Media

Any good parent has taught their child to play nice and to not hit others, but how do we teach this in the new landscape of social media? Bullying is just a click away, the embarrassing photo, the insulting comment, texting about a person as they are standing in front of you.  Our mothers taught […]


Technology and the Teen Brain

I heard an interesting interview the other day on NPR (Click here to listen to the entire interview) about the effects of technology on the brain. The author was discussing the influence of technology in our everyday lives. One of the things he described was the low level of stress that is now a constant […]