Developing a Retreat Theme

After you have selected a retreat center, you need to begin thinking about programming and the retreat theme. There are a few different options in developing a retreat theme. One method is to hire a speaker; this is probably the most expensive but is the least time consuming for you.


Tips on Selecting a Retreat Center

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Retreats can be a lot of fun but they can also be a lot of stress. One of the things you can do to reduce that stress is to properly evaluate a retreat center. I recommend visiting a retreat center before you deposit on the weekend.  When you evaluate a retreat center don’t go alone; […]


Directions in Youth Ministry Spotlight: Retreat


Mentoring a Student

Part of our calling as youth workers is to mentor students in our ministry.  Youth workers often call this by all sorts of things such as student leadership, discipleship etc.  One of the most important things to remember is you CANNOT mentor every student in your ministry. Some may hear this as freeing, others may […]




I am excited to announce a guest post from Colin Cannon on the topic of Visioning.
Derek Zoolander said it best, “ who am I? I don’t know I guess I have a lot to ponder.” Many ministries really never stop to ask the hard question, “who are we?” Most times we plug in programs and activities into our Ipad’s or Iphones and soon wonder why we are not fulfilling our mission.


The heart of youth ministry: Peer Mentoring


Peer mentoring is one of the most effective tools in our youth ministry tool box. I have witnessed peer mentoring turn around struggling youth programs, give students a clear vision for leadership, and even make a place for the “leper” in teen culture. Peer mentoring is the process by which a youth ministry utilizes students […]


Youth Ministry according to “the Middle”


I was watching “the Middle” the other day. It is a funny little show about the Heck family who lives in the middle of America, very similar to “Malcolm in the Middle”. On Wednesday they showed a very funny Halloween episode where Sue Heck, the teen daughter, attends the annual Youth Group Halloween party. The […]


Video One: Assembling the Strategic Planning Team

This is the first Video in a series on Strategic Planning.  Be sure to download the companion guide as well as the example. Enjoy! PDF Version: Assembling the Team Guide Assembling the Team Example


I found a gray hair in my beard….

my sweet thinning hair...

So I found a gray hair in my beard Sunday morning, I studied the hair for a while. I am still trying to convince myself that is was just a blond hair from being outside during the summer. But my wife and I were just blessed with our firstborn and in truth I haven’t really […]


Summer Trip Survivial Guide

If you are one of those adults who have been blessed with the opportunity to participate in a youth summer trip, I have created a top ten list to help this summer to be your best summer ever. 10. Don’t forget the “Duct Tape”. I always throw a roll in my bag as it is […]