Debriefing Adult Leaders

  Most of us in youth ministry world are in the middle of trying to cobble together some last minute vacation time and get ready for the fall. But have you taken the time to debrief what you did over the summer? In Youth Ministry world summer can be a blur, it is our most […]


Launching an Intern Program

Before you begin a youth ministry internship program there are a few things you need to consider first. Over the years, I have seen many unhealthy intern programs whose only reason for existence was to find an inexpensive way to meet a need in the church. I have witnessed churches start intern programs because they thought an intern could do the job of a youth pastor.

I really believe there should be only one motivation for launching an


Mentoring a Student

Part of our calling as youth workers is to mentor students in our ministry.  Youth workers often call this by all sorts of things such as student leadership, discipleship etc.  One of the most important things to remember is you CANNOT mentor every student in your ministry. Some may hear this as freeing, others may […]