Creationism and the young earth!

If you didn’t catch the debate last between Bill Nye and Ken Ham there are some great summaries on the Washington Post and NPR.  You can watch an unedited version of the debate here. Most of the debate follows the usually arguments, a young earth, problems with the radioactive dating, and an attempt to redefine terms. Some of the debate focuses on the Noah story and a worldwide flood event. If we simply sent Ken Ham to any reputable seminary he would discover that much of the Noah story has been lifted out of other ANE cultures. It is not a story that is unique to scripture but a story that is celebrated by many cultures and some far older than the account contained within the Bible. Ultimately Ken Ham’s worldview cannot be reconciled to a worldview that takes both scripture and science seriously. Both science and scripture are gifts from God and we need to take both seriously. Maybe we should take up a collection to send Ken to seminary?


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