Go Bill Nye, scripture is not about Creationism!


If you haven’t heard by now Bill Nye is debating Ken Ham the founder of the Creation Museum. They will be debating  the merits of Evolution and Creationism. Ken Ham believes in a young earth only several thousand years old. For Ken Ham the creation of the world follows the literal account contained in Genesis. In short Ken Ham believes in creationism not the God of  creativity. The fact that this debate is even happening breaks my heart. I grew up in a religious climate where you needed to believe in creationism in order to be considered a Christian. Creationism was a litmus test of your faith. In college I really struggled with my faith because of this mindset. As I got older I questioned the need for taking the Genesis account literally. I had a professor once explain the Genesis account like this: imagine two people meet on the savannah for the first time and explain their worldview to each other. This is what the Genesis account is; it does not backup some theory of creationism.  The Genesis account explains the nature of God and how a nomadic people understood God and the creation world. In it we discover God is creative, and God is powerful, and God is supremely relational. I love scripture, but I love it because I allow it to be what it is. Scripture is not a legal document or a scientific textbook. Scripture is a collection of stories, thoughts, and poems. It is through this scripture that I understand God; scripture must be allowed to speak for itself. Ken Ham and others are making scripture into something it is not. The Genesis account is not an argument for creationism. This debate breaks my heart because people will believe this represents Christianity.

I need to offer a Correction to the following statement 2/7/14:

Ken does not speak for me as a Christian so if you watch the debate tonight please know the majority of us disagree with him.You can watch the debate @7pm for free here. A friend pointed this out to me, it seems that there is not a majority on either side. If you look at the gallup poll concerning creationism it is pretty evenly matched. For 2012 the creationists are slightly ahead but when you include the margin of error the opinions are virtually tied.


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