How Parents and Kids Interact on Facebook

I just read a brief post on Business Insider focusing on the research of  Moria Burke an Associate Professor at University of Michigan.  She has been researching they way parents and kids interact on Facebook. Her findings are very interesting:

Children ages 13-17 are more likely to friend their parents

Children between the ages of  17-25 are less likely to friend their parents

This trend begins to reverse at 25.

Girls communicate more often with their parents than boys.

You can check out the Business Insider Article here. You can check out Moria’s research here.

In her research she also did a word cloud based on gender, it is very interesting to look at the words parents and kids use with each other. We need more research like this as more and more of our interactions are online . In my work with teenagers I consistently hear complaints about their parents getting on Facebook, but it makes you wonder why they are complaining if they are friending their parents. What are those complaints about? I wonder if it is about having to show them how to use the technology? Or if they feel obligated in some way to friend their parents?


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