The church should welcome women into ministry.

I came across this post yesterday on, it stirred up a lot of different feelings for me.  The post was by Heather Lea Campbell, Heather is entering into the field of youth ministry and she currently serves in a denomination that does not celebrate women in leadership. It really bothers me that there are churches and denominations that believe women cannot serve in the same capacity as men. Churches and denominations should  follow the  gifting of an individual  not their plumbing, if a woman is called to preach and teach that calling is by God alone and we should not stand in the way of God.  I serve a God who does NOT discriminate, God calls and we respond. Over the years I have served alongside many amazing women who clearly have God’s call on their life and I have also had the tremendous opportunity to mentor several young women into full time ministry.  I would encourage you to read Heather’s post, and encourage her. Youth Ministry and the Church needs to welcome the gifts of all people called by God to do God’s work in God’s world. You can check out her post here 


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