The memory of a Senior Pastor: “When I used to do Youth Ministry.”

I thought this was an interesting blog post from Erin Lane entitled “Youth Ministry is not the future. It is the church right now.” I could relate to this for several reasons; first I have met several Senior Pastors who begin waxing nostalgic as soon as they find out I am in youth ministry. Second, I am currently finishing my M.Div. and it is a common assumption that I will stop working with teenagers once I graduate and finish the ordination process. When most people make this remark I blow it off as they simply do not understand because they are not involved in the church on a professional level, but when other pastors bring this up I am always a little frustrated. I feel like saying youth ministry is one of the hardest jobs in the church why wouldn’t you want trained professionals in the field? Why do you reserve a M.Div. for those who preach on Sunday morning? But this is the short sighted nature of the church. Often, we have the most inexperienced, undervalued, and those with least education working with some of our most vulnerable people in the church. We tell ourselves you only need to be young, energetic, and love God to work with teenagers and then the church wonders why teenagers are leaving in droves. I would encourage you to Erin’s read article and consider how we can work together bring a higher standard of ministry to the church. Here is the Link!


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