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Sixth Annual Youth Workers Conference at Messiah College

You can still sign up for this weekend’s Youth Workers Conference at Messiah College. Dr. Chap Clack will be speaking on the main stage. I will be leading


Interview with Darrell Pearson

I had the pleasure this week to sit down with Darrell Pearson, Associate Professor of Youth Ministries at Eastern University; we had a wonderful discussion about some of the keys to developing a healthy youth ministry internship program. Darrell felt that a health


The memory of a Senior Pastor: “When I used to do Youth Ministry.”

I thought this was an interesting blog post from Erin Lane entitled “Youth Ministry is not the future. It is the church right now.” I could relate to this for several reasons; first I have met several Senior Pastors who begin waxing nostalgic as soon as they find out I am in youth ministry. Second


Is Pastoral Care Fair?

I listened to a great podcast last night by Andy Stanley pastor of North Point Community Church. Andy Stanley was discussing fairness in pastoral care. I thought he shared some very interesting insights and ideas. The title of the podcast is “Do it for one”. Here is the link.  


Launching an Intern Program

Before you begin a youth ministry internship program there are a few things you need to consider first. Over the years, I have seen many unhealthy intern programs whose only reason for existence was to find an inexpensive way to meet a need in the church. I have witnessed churches start intern programs because they thought an intern could do the job of a youth pastor.

I really believe there should be only one motivation for launching an