Youth Ministry according to “the Middle”

I was watching “the Middle” the other day. It is a funny little show about the Heck family who lives in the middle of America, very similar to “Malcolm in the Middle”. On Wednesday they showed a very funny Halloween episode where Sue Heck, the teen daughter, attends the annual Youth Group Halloween party. The party is predictably boring and silly, complete with a cheesy youth pastor and bad music. Despite the humor at the expense of stereotypical youth groups, I was glad to see that the Youth Pastor at least was not disparaging the holiday as something invented by the devil (although the Youth Pastor did get in a line about it really being All Saints Day). The episode ended with a youth group hayride and Sue even got her first kiss. While the episode was poking fun at youth ministry, I think it did point to something the church does well and does often. It has long been my opinion that the church and specifically youth ministries can be havens for students who don’t always fit in. The youth ministry I grew up in had students that did not fit into mainstream school culture; some students had parents who were addicted to drugs, did not have consistent place to call home, and or just didn’t fit in with their peers. But they had a place to go to when they needed help and a group of adults that cared about them. Youth ministries should do everything possible to include everyone. It is important the next time you are leading that game or a song or even giving that youth talk, to look around and see who isn’t in the room and look to see who is sitting on the sidelines.



  1. I love that show. I loved the New Years party – celebrating the New Year at 8pm, classic…

  2. I love the moms line about the church always having a non-fun alternative

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