P.S. an Open Letter to Parents

I thought this article on YM today was great (Check it out) !It is an open letter to parents from a youth director. Obviously this youth director does not represent everyone. Every good youth director tries to partner with parents. I just wish we (youth directors) and parents could have a more open discussion because it is true Youth Director’s do what they do because they love working teens. When a yd is in a partnership with a family or a parent it is much easier to listen to complaints and to work toward real solutions.  After reading this I was left pondering these questions….

What should a youth director do to be better partner with parents?

What should parents do to better partner with youth directors?

How can churches support both parents and youth directors?

How should a youth director respond to a parent who only complains and never encourages?



  1. Chris Clark says:

    This is a great link Josh. As I’m currently working to collaborate with the parents at my church, it was encouraging and thought-provoking as to how the parent-Youth Director relationship should look.

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