I found a gray hair in my beard….

So I found a gray hair in my beard Sunday morning, I studied the hair for a while. I am still trying to convince myself that is was just a blond hair from being outside during the summer. But my wife and I were just blessed with our firstborn and in truth I haven’t really been outside in the last few weeks. Either way, I trimmed the offending hair and continued to get ready for church. It is yet another sign of getting slightly older along with the fact I have become painful aware my hair is beginning to thin. In a field where many Youth Workers last about twenty four months (based entirely on my own experience… not scientific in any way) I have been in full time youth ministry for nearly a decade; in youth pastor years that is like a hundred thirty five years.
Moments like these always cause me to reflect upon life and ministry:
How long can someone really be in youth ministry?
Can you outgrow youth ministry?
Does getting older reduce the effectiveness or does it actually make one more effective?
I would argue that longer you are in this field, in the general the more effective you are for at least three reasons. First, parents trust you more; you are better able to see things from their perspective and if you are doing your job correctly can help parents better see their child’s perspective . Second, in your relationship with teens you should have a greater breath of experience to draw from and hopefully better able to take them to places of depth. Third, at its heart, youth ministry is really simple—it is all about taking the time to show students that you love and care for them. No matter your age I believe God can use you effectively in ministry.


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