Summer Trip Survivial Guide

If you are one of those adults who have been blessed with the opportunity to participate in a youth summer trip, I have created a top ten list to help this summer to be your best summer ever.

10. Don’t forget the “Duct Tape”. I always throw a roll in my bag as it is truly indispensable! It repairs shoes, hoses, and even tames unruly Junior High Students.

9. For the Men! Junior High guys kind of sound like girls… So you probably did not walk into the wrong restroom, sleeping area… etc… Unless sleep deprivation has already set in. ..

8. Don’t freak out!!! Remember where ever you are and no matter what the trip is like, it is clearly the best trip you have ever been on…The food is the best you have ever had….The speaker is the funniest person you have ever met…. Getting lost is part of the trip (it is called a detour)…. Finally your youth director always makes great decisions….

7. Don’t forget the five question rule. I know it can be difficult to meet new teenagers. I have found it is always important to ask a student five questions before you move on from the conversation.

6. Steer away from school talk. School talk can be divisive, especially if you have a group from several different schools.

5. If you see a problem, fix it! It doesn’t help to complain about it.

4. Check in privately with your students. Ask about how everyone is getting along and how the projects are going. It is important to remember to ask about the other leaders as well. While I am sure that your group brought well trained wonderful leaders who have had complete background checks, you have no idea who the other group brought and it is important to keep all your eyes open.

3. It will get quiet eventually… All teenagers eventually sleep, it just might not be on our schedule.

2. I can’t say this enough: don’t forget to pray. Pray before the trip, pray during the trip, pray after the trip….

1. Be a model. The best way to reinforce it is by modeling it. Remember you are there to serve others!


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