Counsel of Dads

I heard an interview the other day with Bruce Feiler. He was promoting his new book The Counsel of Dads.  After hearing the interview, I am very curious to read the book, which expounds upon Bruce’s idea of forming a counsel of men to speak into the life of his children. At the time the counsel was created Bruce was struggling with a rare form of cancer.  He spoke with six men and asked them to speak into his daughters lives around a specific skill or quality they possessed; for example, he considered one the men “travel dad” because he had a great love for travel.  “Travel Dad’s” role was to help instill a love and passion for travel.  This is saying a lot from an author who has written such titles as “Walking the Bible” and has much of his adult life traveling.

One of the things that I talk about in The Real World Parents Seminar is the need for parents to maintain healthy friendships with other adults.  A parent that is able to maintain these relationships will provide a teenager with a panel of adults to help steer them through difficult times and act as sounding board when they push against boundaries. I have personally watched as teenagers have made positive decisions or display better judgment after discussing an issue with a close family friend.

This panel or counsel of adults can also help to reinforce family values. There are points in every teenager’s life when they simply will not listen to their parents. This panel or counsel provides an effective way to reinforce healthy decisions.  Bruce Feiler has come upon a powerful idea; as parents we should strongly consider providing a “Counsel of Dads” and “Counsel of Moms” for our children to help them better navigate life’s challenges.


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